Honda City Genuine Air Filter 17220-RB6-Z00

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Honda city genuine air filter is always working hard while you are cruising down the highway to keep out the dirt, dust and other debris. which could potentially cause problems to your valuable engine. so these contaminants can work their way through your intake.  The special filtering material stops them, and only allows air to pass through instead. Some of the more conventional designs of filtering media are produced out of a paper or cotton material. It is not a tough replacement to handle, and most DIYers will have no trouble at all.
If you begin to experience a dramatic drop in gas mileages and/or a noticeable hesitation while trying to accelerate, your air filter might be shot and in need of a change. And taking measures like logging any vehicle repairs which have been performed is an easy way to keep up on the preventative maintenance. Which lies ahead. If you would like to renew the MPG and acceleration lost due to a dusty old air filter, replace your air filter as soon as you can.

As long as your regular daily driving conditions are not extremely dusty and dirty, your air filter can last up to 36,000 miles.We carry a massive selection of genuine parts and accessories, and you can find everything you are looking for here. Do not ever take the risk on aftermarket, and you know that only OEM parts can fit your Honda perfectly. Furthermore, we offer all parts with huge discounts. The price can be up to 32% off MSRP, and it is such a great deal for you to save money and replace the air filter.

Save your gas mileages and boost the acceleration now by getting a genuine brand new ail filter from us. We will never disappoint you.

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